The Republican Plan to Block Health Care Reform

Posted by Trish Riley, November 24, 2009

From Senator Jeff Merkley:

The CBO score obliterates the arguments opponents of health care reform have been using for months. They've been claiming the Senate health plan will be a 'costly' government takeover and it will lead to 'delays' and 'denial' of care. For months, the Minority Leader has claimed that Americans will be “forced into a government plan they don't like.” These false claims are deplorable scare tactics. The American people deserve better. They deserve the truth.

Truth- The bill will reduce the deficit by $127 billion dollars and brings down health care costs for individuals and businesses.

Truth – This bill will result in health care coverage for 94% of all Americans.

Truth – The bill includes a public option which will create much-needed competition with the private industry and give Americans more choices.

Truth – The bill will ban the egregious practice of insurance companies denying care on the basis of pre-existing conditions and will make it illegal for insurance companies to drop your coverage if you get sick.

Opponents of health care reform are not only peddling lies created by manipulative messengers like Frank Luntz, they’re also doing whatever they can to obstruct progress.

Congress has a choice to make. We can provide affordable, accessible health care to Americans, or we can continue with the status quo health care system that leaves millions of Americans behind. Now is the time for members of Congress to engage in real leadership, do what we were elected to do, and allow this bill to the Senate floor for debate.

via Sen. Jeff Merkley: The Republican Plan to Block Health Care Reform.