Commerce Sec. Locke at COP15: Yes to Utility-Scale Solar…

Posted by Trish Riley, December 15, 2009

Thanks to Osha davidson for this terrific report from The Phoenix Sun:

“And if we take serious action to combat climate change, we won’t just be passing on a cleaner, healthier planet to our children. We’ll also be laying a foundation for decades of sustainable global prosperity.

Because the development of the clean energy and energy efficiency technologies that we need to curb greenhouse gas emissions could spur one of the greatest economic opportunities of the 21st century.

And it could put millions of people to work in high-skill high-wage jobs.

The way I see the climate change challenge is relatively simple:

We, the countries of the world, can either make difficult choices now. Or, we can have impossible choices forced on us later, when climate change gets worse and fossil fuel resources become scarce.

The United States chooses to act now.

If we fail to meet our climate challenge, our children will live with the legacy of our inaction. They will ask us why we stood by and allowed their planet to become hotter, dryer and harsher.

But if we rise to the occasion, we can write a fantastic new chapter in the world’s story. Our children will tell their children about how we rose from the brink of a global depression to build a cleaner, more sustainable economy that enables people around the world to live healthier, wealthier and more productive lives.”

via Commerce Sec. Locke at COP15: Yes to Utility-Scale Solar… | The Phoenix Sun.

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