Cultivating Resilience: The Shelburne Falls Food Security Plan

Posted by Trish Riley, December 11, 2009

Want to strengthen your local food community? Here’s a step-by-step guide to success…Thanks to Ed Brown for sending this:

Fiona Dunbar, Alex Hoffmeier & Suzanne Rhodes, Conway School of Landscape Design
This document, the initial phase of the Shelburne Falls Food Security Plan, incorporating recommendations of the residents, offers strategies for localizing the food system by providing a viable vision for meeting food needs locally. This report presents pertinent baseline data on nutrition and crop-growing requirements; analyzes village development and social patterns; evaluates natural conditions that affect food-producing potential; offers case studies and existing models of localized food production; and creates conceptual designs for food production in Shelburne Falls. Prepared for The Central Connecticut River Valley Institute and The Apios Institute.
(March 2009)

Cultivating Resilience: The Shelburne Falls Food Security Plan.

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