Monsanto Squeezes Out Seed Business Competition

Posted by Trish Riley, December 15, 2009

Allowing monopolies on our food supply seems pretty scary, and besides, I don’t want to eat genetically modified foods – we find out far too often that messing with nature causes problems. How to avoid supporting this seed monopoly and avoid GM foods? Buy organic. Plant your own garden with organic seeds, keep and resow your seeds. Avoid non-organic corn and soy products. Avoid processed foods (read the label – they almost all have corn or soy). Eat whole, fresh, locally grown organic produce. –TR

“Monsanto’s patented genes [are] inserted into roughly 95 percent of all soybeans and 80 percent of all corn grown in the U.S….

Declining competition in the seed business could lead to price hikes that ripple out to every family’s dinner table… the corn flakes you had for breakfast, soda you drank at lunch and beef stew you ate for dinner likely were produced from crops grown with Monsanto’s patented genes.

At issue is how much power one company can have over seeds, the foundation of the world’s food supply.

U.S. Department of Justice lawyers are seeking documents and interviewing company employees about its marketing practices.”

via Monsanto Squeezes Out Seed Business Competition, AP Investigation Finds.

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