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Posted by Trish Riley, December 22, 2009

deadzoneHere’s a compelling resident’s perspective of a horribly polluted river in North Florida. Thanks to Joy Ezell for passing along this article by science journalist DeLene Beeland:

“Not many people have heard of the Fenholloway. It’s barely recognizable as a river anymore. It’s a stinking channel of effluent that the Buckeye Papermill in Taylor County has turned into its personal sewer system. The river meets the Gulf choked with poisons. Along the way, groundwater and drinking water are also poisoned. A 2006 article in the Florida Sportsmen stated, “The few fish that remain in the river are exhibiting bizarre, sex-changing characteristics. Meanwhile, the discharges have left a 10-square-mile bald patch in Big Bend waters where seagrasses once flourished.” … at the mouth of the Fenholloway,  the locals say the stench of the paper mill “smells like money.”

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