Revkin Taking NYT Buyout

Posted by Trish Riley, December 14, 2009

Andrew C. Revkin, one of the most influential and respected reporters on the environment, will take a buyout from The New York Times as part of the paper’s current round of budget cuts. His departure, after nearly fifteen years at the Times, is sure to leave a big hole in the publication’s coverage of climate change at a time when this controversial issue—and what to do about it—is at the top of the American and international agenda as never before.

Revkin is, appropriately, ending his long and distinguished career as a daily reporter at the Copenhagen climate summit, which many view as the culmination of years of effort to draw attention to the threat of global warming. The meeting is not expected to produce a legally binding treaty to reduce global greenhouse-gas emissions, however. World leaders hope to strike such a deal in 2010, but whatever transpires, the political, economic, and scientific debates over man made climate change is bound to continue for years to come. Revkin will undoubtedly remain a strong influence in the field, and one can only hope that others journalists will continue to cover climate change as assiduously as he has.

via Revkin Taking NYT Buyout : CJR.