The Food System and Public Policy

Posted by Trish Riley, December 4, 2009

Here’s an interesting overview of our food system, its problems and sound solutions. Thank you, Ed Brown, for sending this our way!

[Do] government policies contribute to the troubles in the food system[?] I see ways in which we are we working against our own interests, akin to a giant tug of war game, where the work of one only serves to counter the work of another. Once we identify the policies that support current conditions, we can readily suggest adjustments that will align with broad measures of well being.

I also want to acknowledge that part of the reason we produce food the way we do is because it has been incredibly successful at yielding abundantly and at low initial costs. What is more troubling are the unintended consequences: the long-term costs, or externalities, that need to be factored into the transition towards sustainability in food production.

via The Food System and Public Policy | Energy Bulletin.

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