Unplugging from the world’s power lines

Posted by Trish Riley, December 17, 2009

Wouldn’t it be great if our power companies would get into the business of helping to set us up off-grid? That would require a change of revenue stream for them, but the benefits for the planet are multi-fold, and it would give them a way to stay in the game.

“We are still being fed the lie that we can somehow keep our lifestyles just like they are — just tweak them a little bit with some economical use of energy here and some taxes there — and somehow it can just go on as before,” Rosen said.

“I see people who live off-grid as the foot soldiers of the environmental revolution, the early adopters of what we will all have to do in the very near future.”

via Unplugging from the world’s power lines – CNN.com.

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