Challenge for Ethical Eating – Plants Want to Live, Too

Posted by Trish Riley, January 1, 2010

companion planting (c) Trish RileyI love this article by esteemd science writer Natalie Angier. I always find myself apologizing to my mizuna, arugula and nasturtium plants when I trim them to make a salad… and I’ve sure heard trees crying when I’ve seen them razed….

“…plants no more aspire to being stir-fried in a wok than a hog aspires to being peppercorn-studded in my Christmas clay pot.

The more that scientists learn about the complexity of plants — their keen sensitivity to the environment, the speed with which they react to changes in the environment, and the extraordinary number of tricks that plants will rally to fight off attackers and solicit help from afar — the more impressed researchers become, and the less easily we can dismiss plants as so much fiberfill backdrop, passive sunlight collectors on which deer, antelope and vegans can conveniently graze. It’s time for a green revolution, a reseeding of our stubborn animal minds.

Just because we humans can’t hear them doesn’t mean plants don’t howl.”

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