Gainesville Holistic Health Fair

Posted by Trish Riley, January 9, 2010

The Gainesville Holistic Health Fair

will be held on

Saturday, January 30th, 2010,

at the United Church of Gainesville,

1624 NW 5th Avenue in Gainesville

(at the corner of NW 17th Street and 5th Avenue)

from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

As part of our holistic nature, we will promote sustainability this year by giving away female chicks to good homes, first-come, first served.  This would be to people who want them as pets, and for eggs, to start up their own backyard poultry.  We hatched some chicks years ago when my daughter was young, and now she’s a farmer!  We love our chicken pets and would like to share the sustainability and self reliance empowerment that one experiences from having a couple of hens in their own backyard.  Because of my daughter, and an enlightened Gainesville City Commission, it is now legal to raise two hens in the city in your backyard.  Backyard chicken eggs, from happy hens feeding on bugs and weeds, are some of the healthiest food you can get.  We even will be giving away a tiny bit of organic chicken starter feed with the chicks.

The entry fee will still be $5 donation for adults; and children are free.  Our nonprofit sponsors will receive the proceeds from entrance fees to the health fair.  Last year the Gainesville Holistic Health Fair raised $700 for its sponsors, the Home Van that feeds Gainesville’s homeless, the Displaced Homemaker Program at SFCC, and Three Aunties.  This year we are again sponsoring these three not-for-profit organizations.

The website for the fair is

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