GRU Biomass: “Burn To Earn”

Posted by Trish Riley, January 1, 2010

flagstaff, AZ ©Trish RileyNot enough wood for GRU’s furnace: Dian Deevey:

“The plant will burn nearly 2 tons of wood a minute, and it takes over an acre of productive Florida timberland to grow that much wood in a year.”

Let’s talk about the GRU elephant: Ed Brown:

“GRU has two jobs: provide utility services and generate “profits” for the city’s general budget.

Burning trees is not the way we should be generating revenue for our city. We need a better way to finance the services Gainesville provides to its citizens or we will continue to waste millions of dollars working through more proposals to burn things that generate electricity and “profits.” Let’s make it clear to GRU and the City Commission that we don’t a biomass plant in our community.”

via Readers share their views on GRU in Letters to the Editor for December 30, 2009 | | The Gainesville Sun | Gainesville, FL.

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