Optimists Enjoy Better Health and Longevity

Posted by Trish Riley, January 21, 2010

An interesting article from our correspondent Ted LaCombe:

Significantly, even after the researchers accounted for influencing factors such as health status, lifestyle, income, education, physical activity, alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking, the same trends remained, with optimists enjoying better longevity than pessimists. The researchers are unclear if negative attitudes do indeed directly cause poor health, although their findings do imply an association of some sort.

And it’s not just about health. Optimists, it seems, are better achievers in life, are better able to cope with stress, and can take on life challenges more resiliently; these traits had been revealed in previous research.

via Optimists Enjoy Better Health and Longevity.

Stress, created when we worry about conditions in our lives, is known to wreak havoc on our bodies.Dean Ornish and Candace Pert. provide some medical studies on this.

Here is an article on the potential effects of our mind on our bodies and lives:


Our friend Ed Brown shares this wisdom from Barbara Ehrenrich, author of Bright-Sided, How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America: “…we cannot levitate ourselves into that blessed condition by wishing it. We need to brace ourselves for a struggle against terrifying obstacles, both of our own making and imposed by the natural world. And the first step is to recover from the mass delusion that is positive thinking.”

The cool thing is that it’s up to you to decide whether you want to try improving your life by pointing your thoughts in a positive direction. What have you got to lose? Working forward seems much more productive than doing nothing because you think it won’t do any good.

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