With help from Sweden, 4 Northern Virginia families are ‘Climate Pilots’

Posted by Trish Riley, January 2, 2010

Throughout Europe, conservatives vie with liberals to claim the title of “most green,” and European Union rules require everything from energy-efficient building codes to disclosing a home's overall carbon output when it goes on the market.

Many Americans have adopted small eco-friendly measures, such as recycling and installing compact fluorescent light bulbs. A number of Washington area residents have made more significant lifestyle shifts, commuting by public transportation or bicycle and adopting high-efficiency or renewable-energy systems for their homes. But it remains unclear whether there is enough grass-roots support for a dramatic change in U.S. climate policy, especially during an economic crunch, considering that many environmental changes yield long-term, rather than immediate, financial benefits.

…the Swedes, who have made climate change a central pillar of both their domestic and foreign policy for more than a decade, are trying to speed things up. They’ve already done it in cities of their own such as Kalmar, where 12 Climate Pilots cut their average greenhouse-gas emissions by nearly a third in one year. The entire city aims to be fossil-fuel-free by 2030.

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