Dear President Obama: Coal is Not Clean and Nukes are Not Green!

Posted by Trish Riley, February 1, 2010 took the pulse of 10,000 members as they watched Obama’s State of the Union address:

“The most definitive drop in enthusiasm is when President Obama talked about nuclear power and offshore drilling,” says Ilyse Hogue, MoveOn’s director of political advocacy. “They’re looking for clean energy sources that prioritize wind and solar.”

Greenpeace, an environmental group, was also disappointed. Daniel Kessler, the group’s press officer, says: “Nuclear power is neither safe nor clean. There is no such thing as a “safe” dose of radiation and just because nuclear pollution is invisible doesn’t mean it’s “clean.” For years, nuclear plants have been leaking radioactive waste from underground pipes and radioactive waste pools into the ground water at sites across the nation.

via Obama’s call for nuclear power plants angers supporters – Green House –