Fermentation workshops Feb. 13

Posted by Trish Riley, February 7, 2010

When: Feb. 13, 10am Ale/Lambic, 1:30 Local Mead, 3:30 Wild Wine & Prison Hooch
Where: The Hen House – Backyard – 109 SE 4th Place

At 1:30, Michael from Rosie’s Organics will be discussing local honey mead
making and will demonstrate a basic, simple way to create this delicious
home brew.  We will start a 5 gallon batch of mead together.  The first 20
people who register will receive a bottle of this golden goodness in 4-6
weeks time.  Materials fee for mead + ceramic bottle is $4.

We are still looking for an experienced facilitator to offer a
presentation and demonstration on Ale’s and Lambics at 10am.  If you or
someone you know might be interested, please contact Mary.  At 3:30, we
can share our skills and experiences with wild fermented wines using local
fruits and herbs (if someone wants to offer a demo, bring it on! let us
know if you need supplies), and we may have a surprise visit and
demonstration from one of our local experts in highly innovative prison
brewing recipes and techniques.

To register, email holyolks@yahoo.com or call Slande @ 352-870-1870

“The Gainesville Urban Homesteading Project organizes hands-on, accessible
workshops designed to share our skills and resources for creative
self-reliance and a more sustainable urban community”

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