Go for Google, Gainesville

Posted by Trish Riley, February 28, 2010

In Tuesday’s Gainesville Sun, Mark Stowe and Dave Pokorney imagine what the Gainesville community would be like if it was completely outfitted with ultra high speed fiber internet. That dream could become a reality if Gainesville wins Google’s “fiber to the premises” experimental broadband initiative. If selected, Gainesville could be one of the select rollout cities where Google absorbs the considerable expense of installing fiber community-wide.

Google’s Director of Technology, Craig Silverstein, actually grew up in Gainesville and last year the Council for Economic Outreach traveled to the Google headquarters in San Francisco to research innovative office parks and corporate campuses in order to understand what companies are looking for when designing buildings and corporate campuses. However, in order for our community to be selected, as many people as possible need to nominate Gainesville for the fiber optic trial.

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