The Vermont Yankee Nuclear Scandal

Posted by Trish Riley, February 16, 2010

Within days the public learned that radioactive contamination of Vermont Yankee test wells were at 70,000 picocuries — more than three times the official “safe” level.

Elizabeth Courtney, executive director of the Vermont Natural Resources Council, said last week:  “The contamination has rapidly increased. And the underground plume appears to be spreading. This is a startling and potentially dangerous picture.”

Leaky pipes, radioactive plumes of groundwater spilling into rivers, and false testimony to oversight bodies notwithstanding, Entergy maintains there is no reason it should be denied a twenty-year extension on its license to operate Vermont Yankee.

via The Vermont Yankee Nuclear Scandal – Osha Gray Davidson – Brief Back – True/Slant.

President Obama traveled to Lanham, Md., today, to the headquarters of the IBEW Local 26, to announce that his administration plans to offer $8 billion in loan guarantees to build a new nuclear power facility.


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