America’s Real Dream Team

Posted by Trish Riley, March 21, 2010

Our creative intelligence is our greatest commodity. In many cases, our economy keeps us working so hard to survive that we rarely have the opportunity to exercise and nurture our imagination. Breaking away from the current economy – and an upside to the current high-unemployment rate – could mean more time to think, reflect, and feed the sparks of our buried intelligence.

In today’s wired world, the most important economic competition is no longer between countries or companies. The most important economic competition is actually between you and your own imagination. Because what your kids imagine, they can now act on farther, faster, cheaper than ever before — as individuals. Today, just about everything is becoming a commodity, except imagination, except the ability to spark new ideas.

If I just have the spark of an idea now, I can get a designer in Taiwan to design it. I can get a factory in China to produce a prototype. I can get a factory in Vietnam to mass manufacture it. I can use to handle fulfillment. I can use to find someone to do my logo and manage by backroom. And I can do all this at incredibly low prices. The one thing that is not a commodity and never will be is that spark of an idea.

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