She Farms : Casaubon’s Book

Posted by Trish Riley, March 4, 2010

Women feed the world, and I mean that quite literally. Worldwide, according to the UN FAO, more than 50% of all the food grown worldwide is produced by women, who constitute close to 60% of the world's farmers – and more than 70% of the world's small farmers. More than 80% of all food processing and preparation worldwide is done by women – everything from grain grinding to dinner cooking.

Everywhere in the world, women farmers face astonishing barriers. In the US, for example, American women farmers are currently suing the Department of Agriculture (Love v. Vilsack) for discrimination in agricultural loans. In much of Africa, for decades well meaning social agencies directed farm aid at men – rather than the people who actually grew the food. And yet, they keep on growing. And they are feeding us.

via She Farms : Casaubon’s Book.

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