Enviro Panel: ASJA Writers Conference

Posted by Trish Riley, April 22, 2010


Sunday, April 25, 9 – 10:30 a.m.:

Environmental Journalism Panel at American Society of Journalists and Authors Conference, New York City

Familiarize yourself with environmental issues before writing about them. The future of the planet rests in our pens because we have responsibility for helping the public become aware of what the issues are and what we need to do about them.
Moderator: Trish Riley, board member, ASJA; environmental journalist and author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Green Living and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Greening Your Business; publisher www.GoGreenNation.org, contributor E Magazine, Audubon, Hemispheres, Natural Home, Natural Health, The Miami Herald, and others.


David Biello, Associate Editor, Environment & Energy, www.scientificamerican.com

David Biello is the award-winning associate editor, online for environment and energy. He joined ScientificAmerican.com in November 2005 and has written on subjects ranging from astronomy to zoology for both the Web site and magazine. He has been reporting on the environment and energy since 1999 (long enough to be cynical but not long enough to be depressed). He is the host of the 60-Second Earth podcast, a contributor to the Instant Egghead video series and author of a children’s book on bullet trains. He also happens to think Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species is a surprisingly good read.

Dale Willman, Executive Editor of Field Notes Productions (www.fieldnotes.tv); reports on environmental issues; podcasts for Slate.Com; conducts journalism training on four continents; public speaker on journalism issues; adjunct professor at Skidmore College. Formerly an editor, producer and reporter for National Public Radio; also former correspondent for CBS Radio and CNN. Dale Willman has been an award-winning correspondent, editor and trainer for more than 34 years.  He runs his own production company and reports on environmental issues. Dale also serves as an international journalism trainer, having worked over the past 15 years with journalists on four continents. He also lectures and teaches on college campuses on numerous topics, from environmental journalism to media diversity. Dale spent more than 10 years at National Public Radio, working as an editor, producer, and special events and news anchor. He also spent two years hosting Monitor Radio’s Early Edition.

John Mecklin, editor-in-chief of Miller-McCune magazine, which investigates today’s pressing issues and offers reasoned solutions. In 2009 the magazine received an UTNE Independent Press Award in the category of science/technology coverage and Library Journal named it one of America’s ten best magazines.

Sunshine Menezes, Ph.D. is Executive Director of The Metcalf Institute for Marine & Environmental Reporting, which  provides training for journalists interested in reporting on environmental issues. The mission of the Metcalf Institute is to promote clear and accurate reporting of scientific news and environmental issues; to strengthen understanding and working relationships between members of the scientific community and members of the news media; and to provide opportunities for beginning journalists to learn how to improve their skills in marine and environmental reporting. The Metcalf Institute provides fellowships each year for journalists in print, broadcast, and electronic media to learn about science and the research process, from interpreting marine and environmental issues to understanding the principles of scientific research. http://www.granthamprize.org