Green Manifesto in UK Adds ‘Radical Change’

Posted by Trish Riley, April 17, 2010

Worthy platform – sent to GGN from Ed Brown:

To pay for a wide range of benefits for people on lower incomes, the Greens in government would seek to raise £73bn in new taxation right away, rising to £112bn in 2013, and increasing the tax take as a share of national income by 25 per cent in just four years. This would come from large hikes in income tax, capital gains tax, corporation tax, financial transaction tax and a permanent tax on bankers’; bonuses. The Greens would also increase taxes on motoring, flying, cigarettes and alcohol.However, 87 per cent of the population would be better off under the Green soak-the-rich regime, the party claimed, as in return the public would be offered much higher pensions, higher minimum wages, free home insulation, free social care for the elderly, big tax breaks for people on lower incomes and reopened local post offices – not to mention large-scale improvements in public transport with re-nationalised railways, the scrapping of the Trident nuclear missile system, and a radical regime for fighting climate change.

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