Green Drinks Gainesville May 5

Posted by Trish Riley, May 3, 2010

Hello Gainesville Greenies!

Bet you thought I’d forgotten about you, eh? No such luck. While I’ve been very busy catching up with my life and work post-film festival, I’ve been thinking a lot about our Green Drinks group, and I’d like for us to talk about that at our next meeting on Wednesday this week. Please bring your thoughts and ideas regarding how we’d like to shape this wonderful gang of sustainably-minded neighbors we’ve pulled together and how to make our best ideas happen.

Hopefully you already have the first Wednesday marked on your calendar for our Green Drinks meeting, but I apologize for not getting this info to you sooner. We’ll meet at Amelia’s restaurant, 235 S. Main St., in the Sun Center Plaza downtown, 6 – 8 p.m., Wednesday May 5. Chef and owner Andy Fass has offered to create a few special deals for us, and if you’ve been there before, you know they’ll be delicious. Andy will tell us about his efforts to create a more sustainable restaurant.

Also on our guest list this week will be Cheryl Kraut and Kaya Ideker, founders of Protect Gainesville’s Citizens, a group organized to provide information about the Cabot/Koppers Superfund site. They’ll tell us about their group and the latest activities regarding the site.

Huge thanks to Mary Alford, Jason Fults and the Heart of Florida USGBC chapter for organizing such an interesting panel for our April meeting. I really appreciated their work to create a very informative meeting, and I particularly enjoyed the Q&A with the panel afterward. Thanks to everyone for your help and participation!

Please let me know if you’d like to collaborate to showcase  your group, organization or business with Green Drinks for a future meeting!

I look forward to seeing everyone at Amelia’s on Wednesday.


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