Hair Collection to Absorb Oil Spill

Posted by Trish Riley, May 26, 2010

You’ve heard about the hair booms to absorb oil? Watch this video to see how well it works: [Loose hair and fur demo; 0:58 music: “My Other Love” by Pretty Lights]

Area salons are collecting hair and it’s being sent to the Gulf clean up crews through…. we’ve signed up to help and here’s the latest report from the front:

From: Lisa Craig Gautier <>
Date: May 22, 2010 11:38:46 PM PDT
To: lisa gautier <>
Subject: test


Huge thanks for all the emails of support after the confusing BP press release!

YES we’re still making boom!  YES the hair and fur work, see proof below.  Sadly yes, thick oil has come in now to several areas of Louisiana.

We have so much accumulated fiber, warehouses are filing up.  Boxes are in the pipeline and we need room for all the alpaca fleece since this is shearing week.  So, ALL NEW SIGN UPS as of 12:00AM PST May 23, 2010 will be asked to only send nylons and no hair or fur for till everyone’s caught up.

Those of you already signed up, can send hair one more time and then wait till we clear out more space, but no later than June 10th.  Those of you with cut-a-thons etc. we have planned for your boxes, don’t worry!   AND, things change from day to day, if the oil reaches many more shores and the boom goes faster, we will have more room, sooner.  If you want to collect more, you can, keep a box as emergency reserves, till we send you a new update.

WHAT HAPPENED WITH BP – If you’re curious:

BP’s Critical Response Materials Management called us on May 15th.  On the 18th, they asked us to send them as much information as we could.  They said they were concerned about the canals and wanted as much sorbent material as possible.  They were interested in our hair, fur, fleece and boom.  So, we cancelled our May 20th deadline with all participants, as you know.  And, we sent all the information we had and made more demo videos which you can see here: Loose hair and fur demo
0:58 music: “My Other Love” by Pretty Lights Hair boom demo with mesh
1:05 music: “Standing on the World” by Bender (Larry Laven Remix) Hair boom demo
4:13 music: “Arabika” by V. Didulya

Friday they emailed that they were writing up a report for usage of the hair.  And then BP Public Affairs department, which was unaware of this development, contacted us and said that BP had enough boom. We pointed them to those we were talking to at Houma.  Since then we haven’t heard from the CRMM department.  Public Affairs called us back, apologetic for the misunderstanding, but insisted that they still had enough of their own boom.  It was a long conversation on a Friday night.  We had spent the week on “stand by” with the press, as we were waiting to share sure positive news, so you can imagine everyone’s surprise here on how this has turned out.  We wish to herald the CRMM team for their efforts!

MOVING ON: Municipalities in the Gulf are also concerned by the confusion everywhere you turn.  We are hearing from emergency management teams, parishes, mayors’ offices… who are looking at the oil in Louisiana today and deciding that they need to be proactive and have plans.

FLOATATION: Huge thanks to Richard Herbert of GRR Marine Debris Traps for bringing us this clever invention!  We hope to put it to great use!

The Gulf needs help now more than ever!

Lisa Gautier


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