Items Needed to Help Clean Up the Gulf Oil Spill

Posted by Trish Riley, May 7, 2010

Lola Haskins attended our Green Drinks meeting this week to request that we help spread the word about a collection she’s organizing to gather supplies for cleaning up the Gulf Oil Spill. Please pass along her message:

“I’m heading a drive to collect supplies for oil cleanup.  The items below
are what will be most urgently needed. Wild Iris has agreed, kindly, to be
the drop-off point.

Wild Iris is at 802 W University Ave. They’re open Monday– Saturday,
11:00am – 7:00pm. They’ll post a note on the door as to where to drop the
stuff. Marsha Drew from Levy County is coming after May 15 to pick up what
there is.  If they don’t turn out to need the supplies, she says she’ll be
responsible for getting them to those who do.  If a lot of things come in
after that, I’ll take care of them.

What’s needed is:

-Dawn detergent (a bottle per bird is usually required)
-Pepto Bismol
-Toothbrushes (new– dollar stores)
-Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves (also dollar stores)
-Kennels (small to extra large)
-Adhesive Bandages

Below are organizations looking for help.

BP Community Support Team Hotline- 866 448-5816

Florida Audubon-

Seabird Sanctuary (Tampa)

Alabama Coastal Foundation- 251 990-6002 or

Mobile Bay Keeper- 251 433-4229 or

Mobile Bay National Estuary Program- 251 431-6409

If you need emotional motivation, please read on.  Every legislator will
get a copy of this anthology.  I think my poem may be the only poetry; the
rest is science.

The View from Cedar Key

There are acts we shouldn’t risk,
the way we’d not send our children
across busy streets alone.

Perhaps nothing of ours would slick
the Gulf, no black goo coat
the feathers of staggering

birds, nothing clot the sand
our children love to mound.
Perhaps we’ll never wake to

brown beaches.  But what if we did?
I think of Cedar Keys and
fine days kayaking

against the wind.  And I remember
how it felt to land on
the farthest scrub

and know that the Gulf stretched
to Texas and Mexico but none
of its despoilation

bore our name. I ask you: what
is it worth to drive a mile
a penny cheaper?

I say not this. I say there are
places best left holy.  I say
that if we cannot save

this water, there will be no other.
I say that if, when the money
is clamoring around us

we do not yield, then they will come.
And they will lie down on
our white sands and

remark to each other, shading
their eyes, how beautiful
Florida is.  And we

will smile inside, knowing
how gladly we paid the price,
and think

Yes, beautiful.

from Unspoiled, an anthology edited by Susan Cerulean and Janisse Ray

Thanks for listening!

Lola Haskins”

Thanks for helping to clean up the Gulf! I would also like to connect with Salons and Pet Groomers to collect hair as well as thrift shops for used panty hose so we can send over hair baffles to help soak up the oil, too. I love this sustainable, non-toxic, natural solution which we can help make happen very easily! If you know a Salon owner or a Pet Groomer, please ask them to contact me so we can get a collection of hair going!

Oil spill cleanup goes low tech with hair booms – Green House –

Many thanks to all,

Trish Riley, Publisher,;

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