A dialogue with Lorna Salzman – part III – Energy Bulletin

Posted by Henry Taksier, June 12, 2010

By Joanne Poyourow

In her Commentary and her Critique of the Transition Initiative/Network, Lorna Salzman questions the role of government and Transition.  Ms. Salzman asserts that the Transition approach omits government.  As I will attempt to explain below, our approach is far from that.

Rather, the difference between our approaches is one of whether we believe that government is the answer.  Do we trust that government will solve peak oil + climate change + economic contraction?  Do we believe that government will prepare the citizenry in time?  In a word: No.

Ms. Salzman, on the other hand, seems to trust quite solidly in our government’s ability to handle these issues.  Her belief in government — and its power to create change — goes so far that at two points in the past she personally ran for major public offices.

Within the Transition movement we assert that, at a minimum, preparing for the effects of peak oil + climate change + economic contraction will be a top-down-plus-bottom-up process.  Taking that a step further, we aren’t planning to sit around and wait for government to do it for us.  We don’t believe that they will take the lead in this matter (for a variety of reasons, some of which Ms. Salzman has already named).  In fact, we operate with the understanding that in most cases, our government will likely be a latecomer to the action.  It’s up to concerned citizens to get the ball rolling.

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