Angry Over Oil

Posted by Trish Riley, June 15, 2010

By Roland Loog

“I am always amazed at where people put their trust. Currently, I have little trust in anything. It may have started back when Newsweek or some rag said “Greed is Good”

The theory was the more we want, the more we spend, the more we produce – good for sales and production. Bad for the soul and the Karma it was about to bring forward.

Now we are … living that Karma- let’s not regulate let’s stimulate was the battle cry.

Where did all that greedy stimulatin’ get us: Got us a big whopper of an oil spill, got us Bernie Madoff, got us a bunch of CEOs selling their country down the tubes, got us a war that was never about weapons of mass destruction, got us a bunch of empty houses that people could not afford.

sorry just have to get this off my chest.”

via Facebook | Roland Loog.