BP Oil Spill Cleanup Will Extend Well Into Fall – AOL News

Posted by Trish Riley, June 8, 2010

From our friend Ed Brown:

“In January 2008, President Obama said this about how to create change:

“Change does not happen from the top down. It happens from the bottom up…[People] arguing,mobilizing, agitating and ultimately forcing elected officials to be accountable…That’s how we’re going to bring about change.”

I think it’s time for some agitating, mobilizing, arguing and forcing elected officials to be accountable!  What Obama is telling us – we need to do our job as participants in this democracy.  If we don’t do our job, we are leaving him to do it by himself.

Time to get off our butts and create change instead of waiting for Obama to make it for us.

That agitating, mobilizing, arguing, and forcing public officials to be accountable goes for local and state elected officials too!

The article below shows that we need a new energy policy that weans us off fossil fuels, mandates energy conservation and creates an energy infrastructure based on clean and renewable fuels.

It’s time to force public officials to create this energy policy!  NOW!”

Read the story: Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen: BP Oil Spill Cleanup Will Extend Well Into Fall – AOL News.

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