Drilling and the Loss of a Sustainable Economy

Posted by Trish Riley, June 3, 2010

Green Drinks Gainesville member Ron Chandler weighs in on the Gulf Oil Spill:

“One oil spill off the coast of Florida of anything approaching the magnitude of Deepwater Horizon currently spreading across the Gulf will exterminate those industries for years, meaning the loss of tens of thousands of jobs and roughly $1 billion in income per year for Floridians….

The irony of drilling off the coast of Florida and of expanded drilling in the Gulf in general is that it cannot significantly affect our oil reserves or fuel independence. Fuel conservation alone can more than make up for all the oil that might be recoverable from the Gulf. But the massive loss that this hapless venture will inflict on Floridians through the destruction of our coastal fisheries, aquaculture, agriculture and tourism industries is certain.”

Ron Chandler is a research associate and environmental scientist at the University of South Florida.

via Drilling and the loss of a sustainable economy | Tampa Tribune

Be sure to also read this interesting point-counterpoint between Ron and two university colleagues regarding our energy future.

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