Gulf Oil Spill Dive: Reporter Takes A Dip – AP

Posted by Trish Riley, June 9, 2010

So, the fishermen are complaining to the President about their lost jobs – I wonder if they’ve thought about the health effects of eating the fish they’d like to be catching which may have ingested oil? Here’s an idea: Let’s give those fishermen jobs taking their boat out with fine mesh nets to try scooping the stuff up out of the sea. The only chance we’ve got of avoiding contamination of our Gulf, its inhabitants and shorelines is to get the oil out of the water as quickly as possible. If I had a boat, I’d be out there today, scooping up oil and dropping fur and hair booms into the water to help absorb the oil.

Watch this underwater video: “The oil is so thick and sticky, almost like a cake batter. It does not wipe off. You have to scrape it off, in layers until you finally get close to the skin. Then you pour on some Dawn dishwashing soap and scrub. I think to myself: No fish, no bird, no turtle would ever be able to clean this off of themselves. If any animal, any were to end up in this same puddle there is almost no way they could escape…”

via Gulf Oil Spill Dive: Reporter Takes A Dip Without Hazmat Suit (VIDEO).

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