Scientist Warns Sand Berms Won’t Last – NPR

Posted by Henry Taksier, June 13, 2010

Dave Martin/ AP

Dredging is about to begin in the Gulf of Mexico that will create 40 miles of offshore sand berms. The goal: keep oil from reaching the Louisiana coast.

The state’s governor, Bobby Jindal, and local officials have pleaded to get the construction started and blamed federal officials for dragging their feet.

But some scientists who’ve spent decades studying the fragile Mississippi River delta aren’t sold on the berm idea, and they worry those berms could make things even worse.

Rob Young, a coastal geologist at Western Carolina University who’s been working in the Gulf for 20 years, says he thinks the man-made sandbars will take six to nine months to finish. And he doesn’t think they’re going to last.


What’s more, says Young, there could be unintended environmental consequences.

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