Status of bird rescue efforts – Audubon Magazine Blog

Posted by Trish Riley, June 20, 2010

I’m finding these reports written by those on the frontlines of the Gulf much more informative than traditional news reports. Here’s one from Melanie Driscoll at Audubon Magazine blog:

“My greatest source of concern for something that can be managed was the inappropriate management of boom. A layer of hard boom to keep oil out surrounded each island, and a layer of absorbent boom was supposed to be inside this protective ring. We did see absorbent boom – heavily oiled, piled up on shores, tangled in mangroves, and wave-tossed deep into marshes. We also saw garbage bags full of oiled boom on some of the shores.”

via Audubon Oil Spill Response Team Update: Status of bird rescue efforts | Audubon Magazine Blog.

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