Whales closer to us than thought, say scientists

Posted by Trish Riley, June 21, 2010

Really, hasn’t the time come for we humans to acknowledge that we actually do not have dominion over nature? That we are, in fact, integrally connected with all life in the universe, and that an attitude of respect for nature rather than consumption of natural resources for profit is the sustainable approach we need to adopt in order to survive? –TR

“As the future of whales once more comes under global debate, some scientists say the marine mammals are not only smarter than thought but also share several attributes once claimed as exclusively human.

If so, the notion that whales are intelligent and sentient beings threatens to demolish, like an explosive harpoon, the assumption that they are simply an animal commodity to be harvested from the sea.

That belief lies at the heart of talks unfolding at the International Whaling Commission (IWC), meeting from Monday to Friday in Agadir, Morocco.”

via Whales closer to us than thought, say scientists.

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