YES! Hair Booms Deployed in the Gulf!

Posted by Trish Riley, June 17, 2010

Great news from, the group that’s been collecting hair and fur to absorb oil in the Gulf – here are a few notes from their FAQ, but I highly recommend visiting their site for full details and to see the great photos of volunteers making and deploying hair booms from Ft. Myers to Louisiana!

* Is BP using these booms?

No. BP’s Critical Resources Materials Management Team contacted us on May 15th and they were very excited and produced a report for usage of our warehouses of donated natural fibers to protect the canals. On May 21st BP’s Public Affairs department, who were not in contact with the Critical Resources Dept until we introduced them, told us that BP wanted to apologize but that had enough of their own BP synthetic boom. Since then, Gulf municipalities and harbors are taking the donated natural fiber boom to protect their shores wherever they can. We want to thank BP Critical Resources Materials Management Team For Boom Acquisition for their forward ideas and to say that they were a pleasure to work with.

* I want to send in hair, fur or fleece what should I do?

Please see our instructions page on how to participate in this program. If we are not currently taking in more boxes because warehouses are full, please keep one full box on hand ready to send in for emergency alerts.

* How can I volunteer to help the Gulf if I’m in the Gulf States or traveling there?

First please be signed up to our database program so we can reach you easily from the field. If you want to make booms, we have many Boom B Qs during the month of June 2010. Please check out our Twitter and Facebook accounts for alerts on the latest volunteer parties where things are booming – literally. If you are in the Gulf or going there, please email and if you are in other States or Countries please email for details.