Green Drinks at Tioga – What Fun!

Posted by Trish Riley, July 12, 2010

What another great Green Drinks we enjoyed! Many thanks to Luis Diaz, who hosted us at the Town of Tioga, providing drinks for all. And thanks to Tioga property manager Dorothy Cayce, who organized the event and shuttled delicious pizzas and salads from Blue Highway in the Tioga Town Center.

It was great to see so many Green Drinkers at the party… Janet Davies brought a green flag that she suggested we take on as our mascot – from now on, look for the green flag to find our meetings.

Thanks, too, to Melanie Martin, who told us about her and husband Haskell’s company, Moksa Organics, which produces organic soaps and bodycare products. Melanie recognized Robbie Blake, her childhood music teacher, who has joined us as development director for our Environmental Film Festival.

Karen Arrington brought us up to speed on hair collections for the Gulf Oil Spill and several others made announcements about sustainable projects happening around Alachua County. We’ve posted details at, our local and national resource site for building sustainable communities.

If you’d like to host a Green Drinks meeting or a fund raiser for the Environmental Film Festival, please let us know: We’re actively seeking sponsors for both events!

Many thanks to all our supporters,

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