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Posted by Trish Riley, July 6, 2010

Hello, Green Drinks Gainesville!

I hope all have enjoyed a relaxing Independence Day weekend, and I know we’ve all been thinking about the state of our nation and our real need for independence from fossil fuels, especially thanks to the BP debacle in our Gulf. This disaster is just the sort of catalyst that we’re all interested in maximizing because it sends the message we’ve already understood to millions of people who previously weren’t catching… Now, although it’s hard not to feel utter despair, we need more than ever to join forces and help the rest of our community and the world gain an understanding of the importance of finding more sustainable ways to live.

We’ll talk about the possibilities for the future at our next Green Drinks Gainesville meeting, 6-8 p.m. July 7 at the Town of Tioga Meeting Hall, 205 S.W. 131st Street. Luis Diaz, Development Director of Town of Tioga, has arranged for dinners and drinks to be available for us to order from Blue Highway, and he will tell us about the sustainability initiatives he and his family have initiated at Tioga. He’ll also provide a tour of the town after the meeting. (Head west on Newberry/University past I-75 until you see Tioga on the left.)

We’ll also hope to hear from Blue Highway about their sustainable business efforts, and Melanie Martin, Founder of mōksa organics, will tell us about her and her husband Haskell’s local organic soap and body care business.

I’m hoping that Karen Arrington will bring us up to date on the collection and deployment of hair booms in the Gulf… and let you know how you can help.

If you’ve got a sustainable business or project happening, please feel free to bring your news to the meeting to share, as well.

Thanks to Kickin’ Devil Cafe for hosting our last meeting, and to Pete Colverson of Pandion Systems for bringing us information about cutting our own carbon footprints. I heard some interesting feedback from members who said they were saving water with buckets in the shower and cutting electricity by foregoing air conditioning – these are great tips and I’m glad that our Green Drinkers are already doing so much to conserve our resources. I think that our group can really help our community by spreading the word about these ideas and techniques, and I hope that we continue to encourage our neighbors to find more ways to cut back on our fuel usage, water usage, waste output and exposure to petrochemicals.

Julie Garrett suggested we all ride our bikes to future Green Drinks meetings, but Tioga is too far out of town for me to ride… So let’s carpool – please call your friends and suggest riding to the meeting together to help reduce our collective fuel usage and emissions.

Thanks to all and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening!


Trish Riley
Director: Gainesville Environmental Film and Arts Festival

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