Turtle Rescue Efforts Are Guided By Hope And Guesswork, Not Data

Posted by Trish Riley, July 17, 2010

Oh, the plight of sealife in the Gulf is so, so sad. There are many commendable rescue efforts underway… I hope they’ll help. Alas, no one mentions in this story that sea turtles travel far and wide to return to the shore of their birth when it’s their turn to lay eggs. Three decades to maturity – I hope the oil is gone by then.

In other news, I’m glad to hear the concerns of animals caught in burning oil has been heard:

“…federal officials said that surface burning of oil has resumed after being called off on account of high seas. But now, unlike before, there are federal observers on every “burn team” to make sure no turtles are incinerated by mistake.

…the Sea Turtle Restoration Project have demanded that the government halt the release of hatchling sea turtles from Padre Island National Seashore in Texas into the Gulf of Mexico, for fear that they would enter the oil slick and die. But Crouse, from the Fish and Wildlife Service, said Friday that officials believe those turtles are far enough away from the spill zone. “We think they have a good chance of making it in the southern Gulf,” she said. “We don’t want to disrupt their orientation behavior and food-searching behavior.”

Here, via the Broward-Palm Beach New Times, is “a heartbreaking video from YouTube, posted by an activist group known as Sea Turtle Oversight Protection.” Shot on the evening of July 10, it shows “activists attempting to guide some tiny sea turtle hatchlings in the right direction, i.e., toward the ocean. Unfortunately, the little dudes keep heading straight for the lights of Port Everglades, A1A — or for the bright chandeliers of an empty ballroom.”

via Turtle Rescue Efforts Are Guided By Hope And Guesswork, Not Data VIDEO.