Cancer victim’s father urges Detrick resignations – The Frederick News-Post Online

Posted by Trish Riley, August 5, 2010

Randy White said he was becoming increasingly convinced that a series of actions by Fort Detrick caused hundreds or even thousands of cases of cancer.

White has spent $220,000 of his own money to hire a team of researchers and lawyers to investigate contamination at Fort Detrick’s Area B, as well as the Army post’s history of testing Agent Orange. Fort Detrick officials last week said Agent Orange was tested in small batches in the 1950s and 1960s, but little else was known about the extent of its research.

White said that answer was not good enough. He said he has research he would like to present to Army officials, but only when they are willing to share information about their activities involving the Vietnam-era defoliant and other similar chemicals that may have been tested in Frederick .

He said all residential wells need to be tested for TCE and PCE, as well as dioxins — one part of Agent Orange that is dangerous to people — and that cancer patients undergo a blood test for dioxin exposure, all at the Arm&’s expense. He said the foundation should be reimbursed for “every penny it has spent” because it was the foundation that brought to light the Agent Orange issue.

“The entire area should be tested for dioxin and hazardous material,” White said. “And here is the thing that’s so critical: The results should be made public in a full-page ad, TV, direct mail, radio, PSA, as we have done.”

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