Florida Museum of Natural History’s new Blue Path exhibit is important

Posted by Trish Riley, August 15, 2010

Ron Cunningham celebrates the Blue Path:

“And here’s the bottom line message of Blue Path:

“Florida’s springs are degrading at an alarming rate as a direct result of our collective over-pumping of the ground water and adding too many nutrients to the groundwater,” says Annie Pais, director of Florida’s Eden, the organization that assembled the exhibit. “Simply put, our aquifer levels are going down so that there is less water and power underground resulting in reduced flow from the spring boils.”

If Florida’s water miracle is largely invisible to most of us it is studiously ignored by our Legislature. Year after year lawmakers have steadfastly refused to implement any but the cheapest and most superficial of water protection measures.

Hence the collaboration among scientists, activists and artists that led to Blue Path. They see the exhibit as the opening salvo in a broader grassroots campaign aimed at focusing public attention on Florida’s water issues.

“On the Blue Path, Floridians live within their water means, keeping as much water as possible in our aquifers, rivers and wetlands,” said writer Cynthia Barnet, who coined the phrase for which the exhibit is named. “It relies on us coming together as Floridians to use less, rather than fighting to grab more.”

Imagine a Blue Path stretching all the way to Tallahassee and lined with Floridians demanding that their elected officials stop ignoring Florida’s water woes.”

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