Free Yoga Meditation: Nia

Posted by Trish Riley, August 15, 2010

Nia Master Class at GHFC in Thornbrook on Thursday evening, September 2, from 7:30 – 8:30!  Finally, Nia is coming to Gainesville!!  The cost is free to members, and $10.00 to non-members.  Then, I will be teaching an 8 week Nia session there from September 23 – November 11……each Thursday evening from 7:30 – 8:30.  Cost for the 8 week session is $30.00 for members, $120.00 (a lot, I know, but you can use all the facilities too) for non-members.

Just go to the website,  Read about Nia is the newsletter on the home page!  You can also find Nia on u-tube.  Then, type in United States, then Florida, and scroll now to Gainesville ….. click on my name and you will see where I’m teaching Nia now.

Nia is, well, as the cliche goes, “…like chocolate….you just gotta try it….”.  I’m so excited to get to share this wonderful form of movement……this wonderful grooving meditation.  I assure you you will get a great workout, you feel great joy, and you will go home clear, calm and blissed out!  AND, you will carry this feeling with you into the next days!
No matter WHAT shape you are in, Nia is good for everyBODY.  It’s done YOUR own BODY’S way, with guidance and awesome, awesome music!
Nia has answered my prayers of wanting to “fly again”.  I just have to share it!!!!
Peace to you all, Marty
Marty Henneka, M.Ed.
Nia Teacher, Internationally Certified Brown Belt

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