Judge hears arguments in PCB class action settlement dispute

Posted by Trish Riley, August 3, 2010

FYI: “Bates and Joyner were two of many plaintiffs in the 2003 Sabrina Abernathy v. Monsanto Company case, in which a $300 million settlement — 40 percent of which went to attorneys’ fees — was awarded in compensation for west Anniston residents’ exposure to PCB contamination. Monsanto made PCBs from 1929 to 1971 at its west Anniston plant.

Stewart, who represented the plaintiffs in the Abernathy case, was awarded control of the settlement funds by the court under the condition the money be distributed to the plaintiffs and used for other purposes, such as establishing health clinics.

“I’ve tried to contact him … my brother has tried … ain’t nobody can get him,” Walton said. “In 10 years, ain’t nobody heard from him.”

“We’re out here trying to get accountability of what happened to the money,” Ray said. “The lawyers got all the money, and they’re fighting hard not to show us what they did with it. We are looking for justice, and this is the first step toward justice.”

Anniston Star – Judge hears arguments in PCB settlement dispute.