S.F. shares city-OKd green products on website

Posted by Trish Riley, August 17, 2010

Consumers and businesses wary of toxics and eco-unfriendly chemicals have new places to research cleaning, cosmetics, automotive, food storage and other products.

San Francisco’s Environment Department on Monday powered up a website that offers guidelines on everything from hand sanitizers and auto antifreeze to light bulbs and garden hoses.

The site, SFApproved.org, was originally designed for the city’s purchasing department in light of San Francisco’s 2005 ordinance requiring the city use green alternatives and later policies banning purchases of items such as bottled water. But after completing the research, officials decided to open the portal to consumers.

The site’s premiere coincides with growing concern over the legions of chemicals most consumers come into contact with every day, from pesticides on foods and mercury in light bulbs to certain plastics lining baby bottles.

“There are something like 80,000 chemicals in the marketplace today for which we have no data sets on toxicity,” said Chris Geiger, manager of the city’s green purchasing program. “As a city, we believe if there’s a safer alternative we should know what it is, and we should use it.”

via S.F. shares city-OKd green products on website.

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