DIY Fest Today!

Posted by Trish Riley, September 25, 2010

DIY Fest is a free weekend-long celebration of alternative education that includes two days of workshops and skill-shares, and two nights of bands, dancing, and a talent show.

Lunch Saturday will be served by Food Not Bombs, dinner Saturday will be served by Bijan, Lunch Sunday will be Food Not Bombs, and Dinner Sunday will be a potluck to end the fest. All of these meals will take place in the Citizens’ Coop Courtyard.

Last year people came from all over Florida to participate and we‘re anticipating an even larger turn out this year.

For more info, please get in touch by sending an e-mail to info at (you know)

1pm-Know Your Rights!
2pm-Learn to Make a Healing Herbal Syrup
3pm-WILD Fermentation
3pm-Happy Food: Foods that raise your mood and nurture sound mental health
4pm-Mutual Aid/Disaster Response
4pm-Edible Weed Walk
5pm-Open Source Software/digital Freedom
5pm-Make Your Own Genitalia
6pm-Faces of the Homeless
6pm-Hoop Dancing
7pm-Dinner! At the Citizens’ Co-op
830pm-Saturday Night Performances at The Church Of Holy Colors: Talent Show, Hoop-Dancing, Fire-spinning, The Juniper Tree Puppet Show, Tam Tam The Sandwich Man and the Magical Sugar Cookies, The Rochevanies

1pm-D.I.Y. Calendar
1pm-Organic Gardening*
2pm-Stopping Police Brutality
3pm-Give Us This Day Our Daily Cupcake: Resolving Sticky Situations with Performance Art*
3pm-Beginner Poi Workshop*
4pm-The Simple Science of Sustainability
4pm-Drop Spindle
5pm-Carpentry 101
5pm-Massage/Boundaries Workshop
6pm-DIY Mental Health: Mad Pride in a Pathological Society
7pm-Dinner at The Citizens’ Co-op

(*=kids might enjoy too. Although kids are welcome at all workshops, there will also be separate games and fun for you happening at the Kid’s Space next door.)
(If you show up in Gainesville early, Friday night is art walk!)

Performances include:
2nd annual DIYF Talent Show
Poi and Firedancing
“The Juniper Tree” shadow puppet show
with more to come.

DIY fest II will take place as a block party on s. main street and 5th ave with (free) registration and workshops at the Civic Media Center, food next door at the Citizens’ Coop, a kids’ space in the same building at PLUS Gallery, and performances in the evening across the street in the Church of holy Colors.


‘DIY Mental Health: Mad Pride in a Pathological Society’
* Facilitated By Rusty
“a workshop on dealing with depression and mental health issues. We’ll talk about how society makes us feel crazy, and the contradictions between radical and mainstream views of mental health, as well as practical ways to deal with depression- from herbs and nutrition to support groups, highlighting the various models around the world of community-run support.”

WILD Fermentation
* Facilitated by Bryan and Denielle
“Come walk on the wild fermentation side. We will cover the home-making of Kombucha, Yoghurt and Vegetable Ferment. Maybe more. Bring your creativity and some sampling materials (spoons and bowls). Feel free to bring any vegetables along the lines of firmness as cabbage, onion, ginger, garlic or just cucumbers (pickles) and we will set you up with a take-home ferment. Remember to bring a container to put it in (glass or ceramic).”

D.I.Y. Calendar
* Facilitated By Mooj
“A hands on workshop to piece together Gainesville’s DIY Calendar for the month of October. While also discussing how to start your own DIY Calendar in your city! Getting things started, copying and distributing, dilemmas, tips, etc.”

Learn to Make a Healing Herbal Syrup
* Facilitated by Susan Marynowski, community Herbalist
“In this class, I will demonstrate how to make a healing herbal syrup and
we will taste a syrup that is good for winter complaints. Susan
Marynowski, M.S., is an herbalist and ecologist who teaches and promotes
wellness with edible and medicinal plants.”

Give Us This Day Our Daily Cupcake: Resolving Sticky Situations with Performance Art
* Facilitated by Almah LaVon Rice
“This rigorous cupcake academy focuses on delicious DIY problem-solving and paradigm-jostling. We’ll indulge in a few interactive games and sweet experiments for making daily dry dilemmas a bit more moist.”

Faces of the Homeless
* Facilitated by Chelsea C.
“An educative workshop featuring a panel of homeless or formerly homeless speakers who share their personal stories about how they became homeless and the problems they face(d) while living without housing. Understanding how and why they’ve become homeless and hearing about the difficulties many good people face when they lose housing is integral to dismantling stereotypes and ending the hate crimes, criminalization, and other abuses that this minority group experiences daily.”

Hoop Dancing
* Facilitated by Feivel
“Come learn an art form, dance form, and exercise modality”

Organic Gardening
* Facilitated by Florida Organic Growers (FOG)
“Learn about organic gardening at the Alachua County Downtown Farmer’s Garden (DFG), an edible garden at Alachua County’s Administration Building. The DFG is a great example of what can happen when local government, civic groups and non-profits join forces to increase food security. Leading the workshop will be staff from Florida Organic Growers, a non-profit headquartered in Gainesville that has installed gardens at 210 sites since their project, Gainesville Initiative for Tasty Gardens (GIFT Gardens), started in May 2008. Visit for more information.“

Poetry Writing
* Facilitated by David
“From love letters to laundry lists., how to turn ANYTHING into a poem. This workshop focuses on choosing the right words and how to arrange them for maximum impact.”

Beginner Poi Workshop
* Facilitated by Megan
“Poi is a performance art in which a ball or balls suspended from a length of flexible material, usually a plaited cord, are held in the hand and swung in circular patterns. From traditional maori poi to fire dancing, Poi is fun and visual and has many of the same personal benefits as other skill/flow toys such as hand-eye coordination improvement, fitness, social activity, self-confidence, etc.”

Edible Weed Walk
* Facilitated by Michael Adler of the Edible Plant Project
“Walk around nearby vacant lots and identify edible weeds.”

Massage/boundaries workshop
* Facilitated by Kentucky & Cody, FL licensed massage therapists
“A workshop that offers people a clearer way
to communicate their boundaries with others while practicing offering and
receiving ‘safe touch’.”

The Simple Science of Sustainability
* Facilitated by Frankie
“A brief comprehensive overview of a number of basic science concepts that help us understand how to live with rather than against earth systems and inhabitants. We’ll also learn skills that we can all use to change our inherently destructive culture.”

“CTL-ALT–>” (control alt next window): open source and electronic freedom
* Facilitated by Lars Din
“The promise and opportunity of the internet and open source technology depends on a DIY ethic and anti-authoritarian politics. We’ll romp along the edges of the digital swamp, discuss tools, access, pirates, possibilities.”

Make your own Genitalia
* Facilitated by Christian xtn hansen, Social Permaculturalist and Natural Community Builder living in Gainesville for about 2 years. Cultivating edges and building soil (physical, social and mental) are their distraction and vocation.
“Come and learn about the parts and pieces of your (and others) Genitalia and then construct some genitalia of your own!”

Stopping Police Brutality
* Facilitated by the Alachua Committee Against Brutality
“come learn about community responses to police brutality, the struggle for civilian police review in Gainesville and on the UF campus, and how YOU can get involved and help fight back against police violence, corruption and abuse.”

The Humble Spindle-Spinning String Simply
* Facilitated by Sharon Emery
“In this demo you will be given a brief history of yarn production on simple spinning tools. You will be shown a few different spinning techniques using sticks and spindles that you can try on your own.”

Carpentry 101
* Facilitated by Flynn
“The class will be covering basic building and carpentry principles and recovering/using salvaged wood.”

Know Your Rights: Understanding Florida’s Public Records and Open Meetings Law
* Facilitated by Kirsten Clanton
“Participants will learn how to obtain public records from government agencies and how to force government compliance with Florida’s public records and open meetings law.”

Mutual Aid Disaster Response
* A panel discussion
“Accepting common suspicion that we live in an age of disasters, what is a diy response? How can we prepare ourselves and our communities? When official means fail, are delayed, or act against our best interests, what can we do? What connections and relationships can be built today as provision for future calamities? What can we do to ensure that the most vulnerable among us have basic needs met?”

* Facilitated by Spectrum-Trans-Awarness, a group dedicated to raising awareness in the Gainesville community around trans issues
“This workshop will be facilitated by many members in the group and the topics of discussion will include: language and terminology related to gender and gender expression, cisgender priviledge & social justice issues, how to be allies to trans people and will include some small group discussions and role playing.”

Happy Food: Foods that raise your mood and nurture sound mental health
* Facilitated by Maria Minno
“A workshop on food, happiness, mental health, and brain chemistry. “