Sharks sighted along California coast

Posted by Christine, September 17, 2010

Great white shark activity — including attacks on sea otters — has increased noticeably in recent months in San Luis Obispo County waters, according to state wildlife authorities.

The activity comes in the form of increased credible sightings as well as an unusually large number of attacks on otters, said Mike Harris, a state sea otter scientist working out of Morro Bay.

“I’ve certainly heard of more credible sightings than in years past,” he said. “That’s anecdotal evidence that there are more sharks present.”

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A great white shark with a seal lion in its mouth was seen early in September at Doran Beach, long considered one of the safest places on the North Coast for surfing, kayaking and swimming.

“I have been out here a long time and I have had nothing reported that close, except between Seal Rock and the jetty a long time ago,” said James MacMillan, the supervising ranger at the county beach. “Within our bay I have not heard of anything.”

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