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Posted by Trish Riley, September 16, 2010

Let Brack Barker show you Florida’s natural beauty:

“Greetings from the Hidden Nature Coast,

I’m one of the outfitters/guides that will be offering guided kayak tours at the coastal community areas during the week of September 18 – 25.
Right now, I have plenty of openings for the tours that I’m conducting, and they are listed below. Schedule subject to change due to weather.”

Saturday 9/18 – Atsena Otie History Paddle, meeting at 9 am. A short paddle across the channel to the island that was the original settlement of the Cedar Key area. We visit the historical cemetery and cedar mill ruins, where you’ll learn a little history of the area. Out around three hours with stops along the way to take breaks and observe wildlife. We also paddle through the middle of the island which allows us to see several species of birds, and jumping fish. $40/$20.

Saturday 9/18 – Moonlight Paddle on the Coast, meeting at 8:15 pm, and if the tides cooperate. We’ll paddle among the islands in the estuary of the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refgue, out around 2.5 hours with stops for breaks on sandy barrier islands. See the difference of the coast under the moon light at 75% brightness. Not recommended for beginners.
$35/$20. Optional camping at Shell Mound, separate arrangements.

Sunday 9/19 – Shell Mound Paddle, meeting at 9 am. We’ll start this trip with a walking tour of the archaeological site before getting on the water. Then we head out into the estuary of the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge, paddling among the barrier islands. Out around 3-4 hours with stops on sandy beaches to take breaks, and to observe wildlife. You’ll learn about the original inhabitants of this coastal area. $40/$20.

Monday 9/20 – Shell Mound, meeting at 10 am. See above description.

Tuesday 9/21 – Deer Island Paddle, meeting at 10:30 am. This route leaving from Shell Mound takes us north through the estuary via a back country trail. We’ll be in the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge and out around four hours. Deer Island is a coastal barrier island that is slowly being eroded by the natural ebb and flow of tides. There is still plenty to see. Our return route will have us on more open water through the oyster reefs. $40/$20.

Wednesday 9/22 – Shired Island Paddle, meeting at 11 am. This is a beatiful site along the Dixie county coast, north of where the Suwannee River exits into the Gulf. Our tour includes a stop at the ancient shell midden, and then on to Big Pine Island. Out around 3-4 hours with stops along the way to take breaks. An excellent remote coastal paddling experience. $40/$20.

Thursday 9/23 – Horseshoe Beach, meeting at 9 am for a short trip over to Firecracker Island. This is a short, easy paddle geared to beginners, or those that just want to paddle a little bit. Out around two hours. $35/$5.
Then at 1 pm, Butler Island Paddle, across open water to a large island to explore its sandy beaches. Out around 3-4 hours on this one. This island is also used by those that paddle the Big Bend Saltwater Paddling Trail for over night stays. $40/$20.

Friday 9/24 – Steinhatchee River, Falls to Town, meeting at 9 am. We’ll have to shuttle vehicles for this one way paddle before getting on the river. We start at Steinhatchee Falls, yes water falls. Don’t worry, we don’t go over them. Its a six mile trip, should take around four hours. The river has cut its route through lime rock on its way to the Gulf, so there are some impressive formations. $40/$20.
Then at 1:30 pm, coastal paddle at Rocky Creek, start time depends on when we finish the River tour. A short run out to the Gulf from teh launch site, enjoying a different view of the coast than the other areas paddled during the week. Out around three hours, on this round trip route. $35/$15.

Saturday 9/25 – Steinhatchee River, Falls to town, meeting at 9:30 am. For those that couldn’t make it on Friday. See above.

Prices are at the ending of the descriptions and the first one includes kayak/equipment, delivery, lesson, insurance, any refuge permits, and guide. The second one is for own kayak owners, and includes insurance, shuttle if necessary, and guide. **Discounts given for multi day trips for the duration of the HCPF.

We require a minimum of three rentals or 5 own kayaks or any combination thereof, to make the trips a go. The moonlight paddle, particpants are required to bring their own flashlight per USCG rules.

There is also free camping at Shired Island and Horseshoe Beach county parks for the duration of the festival. Tickets can be picked up at the registration booth in Cedar Key. Anderson Landing in Suwannee Town is $5 camping at the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail site. Other activities in the communities throughout the week, with some special meal deals.

If you would like more information or to RSVP, please let me know soon. Reservations would be appreciated with two days notice, so that I can get directions to you.

Thank you,
Brack Barker
Wild Florida Adventures
352-226-2251 /cell

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