Attack of the Superweeds!

Posted by Christine, October 29, 2010

Unfortunately, it’s not a Halloween trick. Superweeds are the Real Deal and they are already taking a toll on agriculture. The Center fo rEnvironmental Helath reports here: The New York Times reported on the issue in May, This photo accompanied the article.

Monsanto, developer and producer of Roundup Ready BMO crops, which allow their popular herbicide Roundup to be sprayed over the entire crop, killing the weeds while the valued crop plants survive, denied that it could happen. Other scientists pointed out that it could and would. Now they are here, and Monsanto is scrambling to pretend it’s okay.

In a 1997 paper, Monsanto scientists claimed that weed resistance was such a complex genetic phenomena that RR crops would be unlikely to lead to resistant weeds.  What’s even more troubling, though, is that Monsanto continued to ignore the spread of superweeds for years, and worked to persuade and threaten farmers against strategies to avoid resistance – since those strategies would have cut into the company’s sales of Roundup and RR crops.

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