Discarded flowers to turn into fresh paints

Posted by Trish Riley, October 12, 2010

Thousands of beautiful flowers which are thrown away daily after being used in religious rituals might get a fresh lease of life in the form of bright paints on idols from next year.

Jadhavpur University’s chemical department is conducting lab experiments to find out ways to utilise the huge amount of flower waste to produce organic colours for painting clay idols.

The decomposed flowers are treated with an aqueous solution in high temperatures to extract the colours in a liquid form.

"We are extracting pigments from the petals of used flowers to produce floral paints. They have been applied on some idols on an experimental basis now. We are observing issues like the durability of the paint and how it reacts to sunlight exposure before releasing it in the market," university’s pro vice-chancellor Siddhartha Dutta told PTI here.

via Discarded flowers to turn into fresh paints –  National News – News – MSN India.

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