Great Lakes Echo

Posted by Christine, November 4, 2010

Tom Henry, environmental reporter for the Toledo Blade, adds his voice to a regular column in the Great Lakes Echo,

His initial column provides background in why he’s doing this work:

“Most journalists, including myself, wonder occasionally why we’re in this business. Should we be doing something else? Many ponder that question deeper today in lieu of our industry’s unprecedented layoffs and salary cuts.

“Of course, if it was ever about the money we would have never jumped in. But what drives us to do what we do?

“A love of writing. The chance to shed light on a problem in hopes that those responsible will be held accountable for it.

“When I attended my first national Society of Environmental Journalists conference in 1994, Marla Cone – then a Los Angeles Times environmental writer and now the editor-in-chief of another highly respected publication, Environmental Health News – asked Redford for advice on how to stay motivated on the environment beat. Both then and now, it’s a beat that barely catches the attention of many newspaper executives.

‘You’ve got to ask yourself,’ Redford said in regard to environmental writing, ‘if you don’t do it, who will?’”

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