Green election issues

Posted by Christine, November 2, 2010

Lots of green issues are on the ballot in this election, and green issues have divided candidates across the country. One of the clearest choices is in Iowa.  Unfortunately, Big Ag won the job,

The race for Iowa’s Secretary of Agriculture isn’t typically the sexiest election battle to watch. Let’s be honest — most folks couldn’t even tell you who holds this position right now (it’s Republican Bill Northey, by the way). For sustainable foodies, however, this particular fight is probably the most important race to watch this year.

As Joe Fassler of The Atlantic reports, who wins Iowa’s Ag Secretary race “will be a bellwether of our national attitudes towards food and agricultural policy.” This battle is big-time because it pits an organic dairy farmer, Democrat Francis Thicke, against incumbent Republican Ag Secretary, Big Ag supporter Bill Northey.

It was on Northey’s watch that Iowa egg farms sparked the biggest egg recall in history.

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