Windmills will be replaced to save birds

Posted by Christine, December 12, 2010

The Center for Biological Diversity campaigned for less lethal windmills:

The poorly sited Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area in California’s eastern Alameda and Contra Costa counties kills thousands of birds through collisions with turbines and electrocution on power lines. Located on a major bird migratory route in an area with large concentrations of raptors — including the highest density of breeding golden eagles in the world — Altamont Pass is the most lethal wind farm in North America for birds of prey, causing massive kills of hawks, burrowing owls, falcons, eagles and other species.

This week the company agreed to replace them:

Denis Cuff of the Contra Costa Times reported:

The largest wind energy producer in the Altamont Pass area of eastern Alameda and Contra Costa counties has agreed to replace 2,400 wind turbines within four years and pay $2.5 million in a legal settlement to reduce deaths of eagles, hawks and other raptors hacked by turbine blades.

The settlement between NextEra Energy Resources, the state, and several environmental groups was announced Monday by the state Attorney General Jerry Brown.

One environmental leader praised the deal as a model for producing wind energy while minimizing the heavy toll the whirling turbine blades take on hundreds of raptors each year.

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