Farmer attacked by angry cow

Posted by Trish Riley, December 30, 2010

A farmer attacked by a cow is in hospital with seven cracked ribs and a punctured lung.

Can you blame this guy for being mad at the farmer who’s raising him for slaughter? Animals are smarter than we think… I love the stories of their rebellion! -TR

The attack happened on a farm on the Manukau Harbour’s Awhitu Peninsula.

A paramedic says the man owes his life to the fact that he took the cow by the horns.

The cow is the best part of 500kg of angry highland beef, and she wasn’t cowed by our cameraman.

It’s easy to see why David Millar only just survived.

“The cow was being loaded onto a cattle truck and has turned on the farmer and chased him down the race,” says Chris Deacon, “and he’s been running away from it and tripped and the cow has attacked him on the ground and started to try and gorge him with his horns. I think by all accounts the cow made seven quite deliberate charges into the ground with him hanging on, so a really savage attack by any account.”

via Farmer attacked by mad cow – Story – National – 3 News.

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